EHX - Deluxe Memory Man broken DC wire

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EHX - Deluxe Memory Man broken DC wire

Postby canbaz » 19 Oct 2010, 17:17


I have a deluxe memory man pedal since a couple of months. I bought it second hand and it is one of the reissues with 2 x mn3005. I opened it to make the famous opamp mod but while i was opening it, i broke a poorly soldered wire and i don't know where it was soldered before. It is the wire that comes from the positive side of the DC socket. I searched on the net and regarding some photos this wire is wired whether to the chassis or to the ground on the circuit board. I did both of them and it works in both ways. On the board, circuit ground is connected to the audio input and output sockets with another wire and audio input is connected to the chassis since chassis is metal. I think it is the reason why it works when the broken cable is wired to the chassis.

However i am curious, when there is not any jack inserted in audio input and output the audio connection to the chassis may not be provided so i wonder if this may do some ground problems if there isn't any jack inserted in the input and output sockets and when the pedal is powered.

I wonder which way i should do. Is it better to wire the positive DC to the ground of the circuit board or to the chassis ?

I need a quick help, thanks very much :thumbsup .
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