DOD - FX35 Octoplus  [schematic]

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DOD - FX35 Octoplus  [schematic]

Postby modman » 30 May 2015, 22:08

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DOD Octoplus FX-35

Postby AdiMacG » 27 Oct 2017, 15:00

new to this forum, looks to be full of interesting reading.
I have an old FX-35 which hadn't been used for a long time and I find now that my pedal is no longer working in either bypass or effect mode with either battery or power supply with guitar and amp plugged in.
Also no led light coming on the pedal but the stompbox.
I have found a schematic Rev. C on the net but my pedal's PCB is Rev. F. though it could be quite similiar.
I check the stomp-switch for continuity on/off and that seems fine. Interesting link for anyone who needs to change one here

It should be something simple wrong with this pedal but if you have any suggestions or known component issues please let me know.
This Octoplus FX-35 Pedal as you know is quite old so I've checked and retouched any suspect dry solder joints. I have over 8V arriving to the PCB, whether I use a rechargeable 9V or the power supply(center positive).
I suspected a faulty diode 1N4001 (tested in-circuit) was pulling the voltage to ground and so soldered in a 1N4007 but no success. Re-tested the diode 1N4001 out of circuit, this component tested fine.
Could the input jack that controls on/off be the problem? But if it was then my pedal would still work with the PSU plugged in that doesn't depend on the 1/4" input jack.

Your thoughts please?

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