Ross Stereo Delay tame some hiss on repeats?

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Ross Stereo Delay tame some hiss on repeats?

Postby phydauex » 18 Sep 2016, 18:25

A friend brought me an old Ross stereo delay (R80 yellow box) and I'm not real (at all) familiar with them. It seems to function correctly and I get delayed signal from both Local/Remote outputs. His concern and my question is about the amount of hiss that rides on the delayed repeats, especially the Remote out which is just delay (no straight signal). Is there an area of the circuit that I should be focusing on that would be connected to that issue? Clock filters, post delay opamp? I know it's an old analog BBD delay and is inherently noisy, but seems a bit excessive. The straight thru sound is very nice and quiet from a noise stand point.

The other question I have is when using the Local output, the delay time control gives longer delays as you turn it CW, the Remote output however gives longer delays as you turn the delay control CCW. Is that how it's supposed to function or is there something a miss there as well?

Thanks for any insight into this particular pedal.
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