Mod your MOOG MiniFooger Drive for resonance control!

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Mod your MOOG MiniFooger Drive for resonance control!

Postby NOC3 » 05 May 2017, 06:01

For resonance control:
-Void your warranty. Deconstruct your 'fooger and take care when bending the ribbon wires... they may (read: probably will) break. Have ready about 20 wires cut at 1.5 inches, stripped and tinned. This way you can quickly replace the ribbon cable if need be and not be heartbroken for too long. Desoldering tools and solderwick help. Take note of how you took it apart so you can get it all back together when you're done.

-Wire a 100K to 200K C taper Pot as a variable resistor so minimum resistance is fully clockwise. 16mm Alpha pots work fine, No drill needed, just use and xacto or razor to enlarge the hole on the aluminum overlay, the enclosure hole is already big enough.

-Test to with DMM to see which switch pins show continuity when the "peak" switch is engaged (UP). (probably the bottom two)

-Solder Pot in to PCB holes where the switch has been removed. Connect pot to the same switch pins that previously tested for continuity with the "peak" switch engaged.
-Alternatively, you can also solder the Pot to TP2 and TP3. Either way orientation does not matter as variable resistors are non polar. just stick the two wires in and solder em any old way.

-Remove R26

-Remove R27 also, if you're nit picky about the minimum resonance setting being absolutely minimal.

*you're done! now just re-assemble and jam out!*

*Bonus Fun Mod*
C35 is a "no-pop" component on the PCB, it bypasses the source resistor of the overdrive circuit's crucial FET "Q13" wired as standard Class A boost, being driven by OTA -> filter -> tone control -> FET. (I know it is odd to put the distortion after all the filtering)

Experiment w .47uF to 100uF for treble boost to warm fuzzy bass boost.

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Re: Mod your MOOG MiniFooger Drive for resonance control!

Postby Rapo02 » 03 May 2018, 19:50

Any chance you have the schematics traced for this pedal?
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