DOD - 670 Flanger  [schematic]

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DOD - 670 Flanger  [schematic]

Postby ilcaccillo » 10 May 2017, 03:08

I'm repairing at the moment a DOD 670 flanger that has what seems to be a shot SAD512D delay chip.

My pedal has a 110V power input, as I live in Europe and while I'm waiting to solve the current SAD512D situation I'm thinking in replacing the original small 110V primary power transformer for a 230V transformer so I don't need a mains voltage converter.

Just to let you know, theres versions of this pedal where the power transformer has 110V and 220V volts taps on the primary (the available schematic reflects this models), so those can be easilly rewired of operations as needed on both sides of the Atlantic, thats not the case with the unit I own, where the power transformer primary only has 2 red wires for 110v operation.

The circuit needs to see 15V that are regulated with the use of an 7815 regulator. They only used halfwave rectification so a 36V output secondary transformer was used.
Could I change in this circuit the rectification for a full wave rectifier so that I only need to use a transformer with an 15VAC secondary ?
After rectification the 15VAC will be aprox. 21VDC more than what the 7815 needs to regulate

Im asking this because I dont know if theres any reason circuit wise for the use of an half wave rectifier instead of a full wave one,
would the flanging circuit work the same way guaranteeing you are supplying filtered and regulated 15V?

Schematic attached

Thank you
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