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EHX Black Finger Tube Compressor Caps Mod?

PostPosted: 09 Aug 2017, 22:16
by meccanismo
Hi everyone!
After a few months of using a Black Finger Compressor I´m ready to say that it´s a great sounding pedal. Many of the bad comments about this pedal are related to noises an cracks and things like that but instead of blaming the pedal check your guitar first! it´s grounded and isolated, and I mean with copper, aluminum or conductive paint?? No? Good pair of pickups? No? Then shut up!!

Anyway, I´ve opened it and there are many components that can be upgraded
But a few questions comes to my mind:

1.- The internal LED (Green) for the Led/Lamp mode could it be changed to any other color LED (Red or Yellow) but how this light spectrum gonna change the sound?
On overdrives and distortion pedals, many builders use a pair of LED´s for clipping diodes on drive stages with many good results. I´m wondering if any different color gonna result on a different "feel" compression mode.
2.- The Poly Caps could be upgraded for a WIMA or Panasonic box type. Maybe with a switch for having that option for many flavors but how it´s the impact on the sound and wich ones on the circuit are the best for changing it?

Any thoughts and help will be welcome!