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Caline CP-11 Puffer Fuzz  [schematic]

PostPosted: 08 Nov 2017, 20:40
by mirosol
Someone on this forum suggested this might be a Fooltone '70 clone and as these sell for peanuts, i wanted to try one. Came in the mail today. Fooltone '70 - bullshit. It's a basic Si FF with rheostat in front of it. Sounds horrible. To call this abysmal would be a praise. Highly moddable, but still. Surely worth 20€ shipped, but still.

BOM (designations per original board):
Rx 100R (trace cut and added post design, most likely to cure possible oscillation)
R1 47K
R5 1M
R6 100K
R7 22K
R8 4K7
R9 4K7

C1 4µ7/50V
C3 220n/100V panasonic
C4 22µ/50V

D1 1N4001
Q2 2N3904
Q3 2N3904

Fuzz B2K
Tone B100K
Level A100K

Re: Caline CP-11 Puffer Fuzz

PostPosted: 09 Nov 2017, 20:00
by mirosol
Modded mine.

-Transistors to MP38A (hFE 78 and 91)
-R1 to 33K
-R7 to 10K (trimmed on breadboard to find good bias setting)
-R8 to 470R
-Shorted Rx
-Added 2k2 between fuzz pot pins 2&3
-C1 to 10n
-Cut trace between Tone pot's lug 1 and C1
-Shorted Tone Pot's lugs 2&3 with C1
-Added 2µ2 between Tone pot's lug 1 and C1

Basically swapped the transistors for a pair of nice old russian NPN germaniums, changed resistors per classic fuzz face values (setting the bias by ear) and tweaked the idiotic "Tone" pot to act as input cap blend. Pretty nice sounding pedal and quite usable now.