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Caline CP-32 Clear Veil Overdrive Fuzz

PostPosted: 17 Dec 2017, 09:11
by mirosol
This is definitely something i didn't wish to see. Heavy disappointment. It's exactly the same as CP-11 Puffer Fuzz, with ust two cap values changed. And this makes it sound even worse than the Puffer. Highly moddable to get a decent fuzz face though. Worst caline "design" i've seen so far.

Caline CP-32 Clear Veil Overdrive/Fuzz

Rx 100R
R1 47K
R5 1M
R6 100K
R7 22K
R8 4K7
R9 4K7

C1 22µ/50V
C3 100n/100V
C4 22µ/50V

D1 1N4001
Q2 2N3904
Q3 2N3904

Fuzz B2K
Tone B100K
Level A100K