Caline CP-25 Highway Man (and CP-12 Pure Sky)

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Caline CP-25 Highway Man (and CP-12 Pure Sky)

Postby mirosol » 17 Dec 2017, 18:48

Hmm. Caline catalog is becoming quite puzzling one. These two here. Same f*king circuit. Paul Cochrane Timmy. 4558D, no switch for clipping, just the four 4148s for both. Highway Man has linear and log pots for bass/treble and Pure Sky has them at C50K. Pure Sky has designation screen prints under the components, but just by looking at the boards, component values and topology, i can safely say the circuits are identical.

Why on earth would anyone release two differently named pedals that have exactly the same circuit in them?

Highway Man BOM:
R1 10k
R2 10k
R3 3k3
R4 1M
R5 510k
R6 3k3
R7 1k5
R8 3k3
R9 3k3
R10 4k7

C1 47u/25v
C2 47u/25v
C3 1u
C4 39n
C5 47n
C6 100p
C7 10n
C8 1u

Bass A50k
Treble B50k
Gain A1M
Level A10k

IC1 JRC4558D
D1 1N4001
D2-D5 1N4148
LED1 diffused blue 5mm

Yes. It was quite stupid for me to redraw the Timmy, but...
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