Boss - CE-3 Chorus Ensemble  [schematic]

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Re: Boss - CE-3 Chorus Ensemble

Postby Rodrigo Oliveira » 03 Mar 2016, 03:01

Hi, I have an old CE-3 made in japan and I want to use it with a bass. What modification I need to do for the pedal to work well in this case? Thanks.
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Re: Boss - CE-3 ( Chorus )

Postby roseblood11 » 02 Sep 2018, 09:50

puppiesonacid wrote:I speculate that the way huge blue hippo chorus is a modified CE-3. this is based on an interview I read with Jeorge Tripps (that I can't remember) that some semi famous artist brought his CE-3 to him and he modified it. short thereafter Way Huge came out with the blue hippo chorus pedal. Just speculating but hey who knows... maybe we could look into it. briefly looking at the blue hippo gut shot I would say its a close match.


Interesting. I read that the Blue Hippo is based on the CE-2. Whatever it is, it sounds better than both Boss pedals and I'd really want to see a schematic for the Blue Hippo and modify my CE-2 clone.
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