Chinese Butler Tube driver Clone - How close is it ?

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Chinese Butler Tube driver Clone - How close is it ?

Postby Wiew » 03 Nov 2019, 13:20


Hello ,

I am Johnny from Belgium
This is my first post.
I want to start with pedal building (so I ordered my first kit from das musikding)
I will have a lot to learn ;-)

My question.

A few years ago I bought this Chinese Butler clone 4 knob + bias)
It sounds good , but how far of the real thing is it.
And if it is wrong could I mod it to the real deal
Also it came with no power adapter
Now I am using a 9v 1000mA adapter (I didn't risk to use a higher power)
Would it have a better sound on higher voltage or can I burn it ?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Chinese Butler Tube driver Clone - How close is it ?

Postby Mr.Grumpy » 06 Nov 2019, 18:28

Isn't the enclosure marked somewhere? The tube's heater filament is 12 volts, and that's the voltage most of these 'starved plate' tube overdrives use for operation. Find a 12 volt, 1000 mA (or more) power supply and try that.

At first glance, this pedal appears to be very similar to the Tube Driver...are you sure the 4th knob is bias? The most famous version of the Butler Tube Driver has Gain/volume/bass/treble knobs. Newer ones with adjustable bias have five knobs.

B.K. Butler has made several different versions over the years, I believe some had a single tone control, (3 knobs altogether) and some had bass/mid/treble tone controls, so those had five knobs.
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Re: Chinese Butler Tube driver Clone - How close is it ?

Postby ppluis0 » 06 Nov 2019, 18:44

Take in consideration that the tube drivers works with a wall wart that supply 12v of alternated current, and internally these voltage are converted to +12 and -12 Vdc so the tube works effectively with 24 Vdc and 12Vac for the heater.

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