Favorite mods for Dunlop JDF2 FuzzFace?

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Favorite mods for Dunlop JDF2 FuzzFace?

Postby GilmourD » 03 Sep 2019, 14:42

So, about a year ago I bought the guts of a JDF2 off eBay. I think it's the older version as it has the transistors marked DMI158 rather than the reissue NKTs. It works just fine (I was actually goofing around with it on Sunday) but it's a bit wooly and gets a touch dark when I roll the volume down.

So, before I order an enclosure to put it in I was figuring I'd like to do some simple mods to it to maybe improve the clarity and versatility, which might change how many knobs are on the enclosure I order.

So, what do you guys like to do to these things? Transistor changes, I imagine, but anything else? Favorite transistors that won't cost me one of my children? Whatcha think?
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