Vacuum tubes for sale

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Vacuum tubes for sale

Postby DarkRain » 11 Nov 2014, 08:38

Hello guys, because my tube stock is way over what i will ever need, i've decided to sell some tubes from my personal stash.
All tubes are NOS, never used. Some are in boxes some are bulk. So this is the list:

- 6P14P(russian equiv. of EL84) - 20pcs - 10USD per piece
- 6N6P (russian equiv. of ECC99 / E182CC) - 15pcs - 6USD per piece
- 6N1P - 6pcs - 2USD per piece
- 6N2p - 6pcs - 2USD per piece
- 6P43P - (russian equiv. of EL86) - 10pcs - 2USD per piece

I will ship anywhere in the world and depending on the volume the shipping price can be between 7 and 10 USD per package.

Best regards,
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