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PostPosted: 03 Aug 2016, 20:13
by liviu.radescu
In this post I want to sell some personal projects for guitar effects.
Tap Tempo for PT2399 delay

The board is adapts to any project with PT2399 . It is composed of a digital potentiometer (CAT5251) , a PIC16F1938 and a few passive components . Contact the board delay is via a double switch , as follows:
a row of contacts is to use genuine slider switch to digital potentiometer effect board on one side, and a potentiometer pointer normal to work in manual mode . The second row is used to interrupt LED Tap, not blinckingwhen the effect works in manual mode where the delay is adjusted from the normal 50k potentiometer .
Board dimensions are very small to insert into a case in 1590 .
The following days I hope to manage a small video with its operation .
External dimensions: 27 x 12 mm .
Price is 10 euros plus shipping .
Do excellent .
Stock is limited because we do nothave many CAT5251 . Also I have not LD1117-5 and used 78L05 .
free holes are Power ( 9Vcc ) digital potentiometer terminals ( terminal 3 at the plate effect and the cursor and pin 1 to GND ) , and momentarily switch to Tap
Do not introduce any noise.
Here is a clip and some images with a project where I inserted this board Tap Tempo.
The board:

The projects:


The video: ... ture=share

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Re: For DIY

PostPosted: 05 Aug 2016, 08:05
by liviu.radescu
i have only 6 populated boards