Anyone ever tried 2N1008A? 1N538? I have access to a lot...

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Anyone ever tried 2N1008A? 1N538? I have access to a lot...

Postby 12vshred » 12 Sep 2018, 23:40

I tapped in to a large supply of old-new components, and was given a sample of Germanium 1N538s from the 1960s, and 2N1008A Germanium transistors. I'm putting the 1N538s in a TS tonight to try them out, and decide if I want to go back for more (he's got a *lot*, and offered me an "he doesn't know what he's got" level amazing price vs finding them online, if I buy them all). He has multiple other 60s/70s part numbers in his stash that he's offering me in whole lots.

He's made a similar offer with the 2N1008As, but they have an fT of .4MHz, max voltage of 35V, and an hFe of 40, I'm thinking 18v bass pedal? I want to try the most feasible application for them, to give them a fair shake before committing to buy, but I don't have a lot of time to experiment. It's an all or nothing deal, and it's super cheap per item, but still over $100 worth of transistors. Any suggestions on what I should try with them? Move on to the next item?
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