Ibanez WH10 (WH10V2) in absence of replacement pots

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Ibanez WH10 (WH10V2) in absence of replacement pots

Postby bogiiman » 30 May 2017, 06:26


I have searched the internet high and low for a fix for dead pot problems in the ibanez WH10.
Well it certainly seems that there are none.

The pots sold online as replacement pots are linear dual 500k/50k, which I have bought and tried but was dissapointed.
The original pot is obviously NOT linear, but as some kind of special taper.
The linear one just dont ressurect the original wah tone, at all. (not enough wah range)

So, I wanted to ask you people out there for advice.
Pressumebly there are loads of dead wh10v2 out there, due to low quality potentiometer.
Any ideas how to put these to use?

Some on my uninformed ideas are:

1. Conversion to the black, single pot, version. (single pot of suitable taper might be easier to find)
2. Using higher value pots with some kind of tapering resistor.
3. Figure out some kind of easy mod/conversion to make into a usable wah (but unfortunately lose the original sound of the wh10)

Any ideas?
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Re: Ibanez WH10 (WH10V2) in absence of replacement pots

Postby snofla1900 » 30 May 2017, 09:25

How old is that pedal .

I once had one of the first wah pedals: a Schaller wah wah - Yoy Yoy and it had a 100 K negative log taper pot in it. It sounded great if I remember correctly. I could never trace that pot again.

Yours could also be that kind of taper.

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