Sweet!!! NOS Thomson box film caps

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Sweet!!! NOS Thomson box film caps

Postby Lani » 12 Jul 2017, 21:49

Hey there boys and girls.... First post on here but there will be more to come. Thought I would pass along a great deal on eBay.... It's a grab bag of NOS Thomson box film capacitors. Some of the cash goes to charity too so it's a win win for everybody. The guy selling them is a scholar and gentleman to boot. He sent me a sample of about 50 silver micas when I ordered 5 bags. I'm not saying he will do this for every order though. 5 bags for 20 bucks and I got over 550 caps!!! Most of them are 100n, 10n, 1n, but there is just about every value in between. I am in no way affiliated with this seller just thought I would pass it along.
Timhttp://www.ebay.com/itm/Grab-Bag-100 ... 2749.l2649

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