Boomerang BG-2

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Boomerang BG-2

Postby adam79 » 26 Feb 2017, 14:55

What's the difference between the BG2 that just says Boomerang and the other that says Boomer 2? I noticed that most of the Boomer 2 wah's are advertised as Gibson Maestro. Did Gibson buy them out and rework the BG2 (relabeling it Boomer 2)? I can't afford a BG1, so the BG2 is the next best thing. How are the Joe Gahanna replacement pots for the Boomerangs? All the available ones have his pot replacement. I used to have a BG2 and the orig pot got scratchy quick and that cool 25k pot is outta production. I'm not sure if the Gaga n replacement was around when I had the wah, and I failed at cleaning the orig.pot; I broke it!

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No effect from Maestro Boomerang bg -2

Postby aka180 » 26 Jan 2018, 21:08

I'm trying to get a bg2 working. Right now i get a very weak output with no wah or volume swell no matter the position of the switch
Transistor voltages:
C: 0.8
B: 1.5
E: 0.8

C: 9.2
B: 6.2
E: 6.3

I replaced the pot because it was horrible. I initially suspected the 10k resistor going from the 9v to the college tor of Q1 since there is almost no voltage after but i pulled it and it tested fine at 10kohm.

Resistance across the inductor is about 35 ohms if that is helpful...

The fact that the swell doesn't work is confusing me even more.
Here's some pics as well i do have the enclosure but it's easier to work on like this.
Any help would be appreciated
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