Morley SLDW issues (Schematic traced)

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Morley SLDW issues (Schematic traced)

Postby Manfred » 23 Dec 2017, 16:48

I friend of mine gave me a Morley SLDW for repair.
I found that the original schematic do not corresponds with the circuit,
it was therefore necessary to trace the circuit.
One more LED-LDR combination in real circuit and a somewhat different wiring identified.
The owner cannot rember if the pedal had been modified sometime in the past.
In the original schematic 7812 voltage regulator is shown, in the real circuit it is jumpered.
Likewise the power supply is 18 Volts DC in the schematic drawing, in the circuit it is 9 Volts DC,
but the resistors in seriell to the LEDs are the same as at 18 Volts.
The pedal do not works fine.
My impression is that the brightness of the LEDs are to faint.
Who knows more about the pedal?

Original Schematic:

Traced Schematic:


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