Hughes & Kettner Basskick 707 schematic

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Hughes & Kettner Basskick 707 schematic

Postby dune2k » 11 Nov 2010, 14:46

a year ago I bought a used H&K Basskick 707 (200W@4 Ohms, no sound matrix control!) on the 'bay. Now it starts to develop little problems (scratchy pots, from time to time the preamp sort of has "hick ups" and I'm not really sure wheter or not the treble pot works).
I already mailed the H&K support (twice) but they didn't answer.
So right now I'm searching for a schematic to be able to understand what's going on in there & at what frequency the treble pot is centered. (I'm also thinking about replacing the whole preamp, but that's just an Idea I haven't really thought about.)

So if any of you guys has the schematic for this amp it'd be nice to share it/mail it to me.
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