6L6 based Guild Superstar troubleshooting

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6L6 based Guild Superstar troubleshooting

Postby mxaniac » 04 Dec 2016, 21:14

I have a Guild Superstar that has a strange problem and I was hoping someone might have a clue on what it might be.

The amp has a master volume that someone had added, when I turn the power amp section up and use the pre-amp to control volume I get a rather pronounced "white noise" sound anytime I play an E on the 4th, 5th, or 6th string (along with the E you'd expect). Since I can turn the pre-amp all the way up and use the power amp to control volume and get the issue to go away I assume it isn't the speaker. I'm an electronics nitwit but with my limited knowledge I'd assume it's a capacitor instead of a tube since it is only on the E note frequencies. The schematic is here: http://www.prowessamplifiers.com/schema ... upply.html

Anyone have some ideas?
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