Seymour duncan Powerstage

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Seymour duncan Powerstage

Postby teddeeh » 06 Aug 2017, 23:58

So guys has anyone else wanted to know about it?
I think it could be a great addition for us Diy'ers who love pedals. Kinda a whole rig setup all thats needed would be a cab. I think. Is anyone working on it? Does anyone have one?
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Re: Seymour duncan Powerstage

Postby teemuk » 19 Aug 2017, 08:59

Seems like they jumped the bandwagon of "micro" amp products. Everyone seems to have one now. What comes to overall compactness, keep in mind that these "pedal" -type amps often tend to require an external power supply unit, which is about equal in size and weight with the actual amp unit, and then all interconnecting wires to connect the amp to supply and supply to mains.

IMO, there's less hassle in amps that integrate all of this into a single unit. Yes, it is a bigger package than a single pedal - but don't be fooled by advertising tricks: In the end, when one makes an amp product ALL that the amp consists of has to fit somewhere, and splitting that "somewhere" into two separate packages doesn't really make things any smaller or compact in practice. Just more separate stuff to pack, carry, and - in worst case - loose somewhere.
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Re: Seymour duncan Powerstage

Postby marshmellow » 19 Aug 2017, 14:47

The SD Powerstage runs directly off the mains though, so fully integrated.
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Re: Seymour duncan Powerstage

Postby wordsworth_jlg » 26 Aug 2017, 16:17

If you're getting your tone from pedals primarily and you're using a provided backline then this could be a great solution to getting an easier-to-carry, more consistent sounding rig. If you are still going to carry around a speaker cab then it might be a moot issue considering carting around a combo guitar amp isn't much different from carting around a speaker cab.
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