Danelectro DS-50 (1966) aka Silvertone 1448

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Danelectro DS-50 (1966) aka Silvertone 1448

Postby modman » 24 Apr 2019, 17:40

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Re: Danelectro DS-50 (1966) aka Silvertone 1448

Postby Ben N » 29 Apr 2019, 09:50

Hey, Modman, did you give any thought to replacing the PT with one with a 230/240v primary? I'm in a similar situation--I have a Silvertone 1482, and I actually have a Princeton/Tweed Deluxe style PT sitting around that I could use so I can ditch the stepdown transformer, but putting in requires cutting the chassis, so I haven't pulled the trigger yet. (Here's a video of that operation:
. There is a Mercury Magnetics direct replacement PT for the 1482 with a 230V option, but it costs more than the whole damn amp.) But you don't have the clearance issues I have, so it might be easier to find a PT to fit your chassis.

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