Finishing aesthetics

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Finishing aesthetics

Postby UVB76 » 16 Oct 2018, 15:59

I've started building pedals for a little bit and I'm trying to come up with a way to make them look cooler/more pro. Currently I've just been doing the Fairfield Circuitry thing of using letter stamps on the enclosure which is ok, but pretty mundane.

How do you guys finish your pedals? Any tips on affordable techniques that can be done at home? I've been trying to figure out how pedals like Tym Pedals are done with the aluminum plate on the front of the enclosure, if that is home made silk screening or something like sublimation or UV printing that he sends out to a shop to get done.
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Re: Finishing aesthetics

Postby frownonline » 17 Oct 2018, 10:16

I had a top blade from an old set of hair clippers I dismantled a while back, thinking it would be cool to use somewhere on a project.

Then I decided to build a Fuzz Face. The thought of fuzz hair, clip, cut, trim association with audio electronics and of course the beard / hair theme started and I ended up with:


The two screw holes that were used for mounting the fixed blade to the clippers were enlarged, then held in place with the two LED mounts.

The enclosure itself is a pre-finished one bought online. Never done screen printing, although I do need to come up with an idea for labelling the control functions for clarity, so I'll be keeping an eye out on this thread for ideas myself!
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Re: Finishing aesthetics

Postby Cub » 17 Oct 2018, 11:20

It looks like a cross between a Pac-Man ghost and a Space Invader! :applause:
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Re: Finishing aesthetics

Postby plush » 17 Oct 2018, 11:34

UVB76 wrote:Any tips on affordable techniques that can be done at home?

Proper aesthetics is probably the most expensive part of diy pedal. And, IMO, there is no such thing as affordable homemade finish.

Either it looks mediocre, or costs you 2-3 times more than a regular guy with a powder coating gun and uv printer would ask.

Buy pre-coated enclosures, don't go cheap on them. Don't use parts with different finishes (don't mix chrome with nickel or satin stuff), don't use cheap metallized plastic and black plastic led sockets (use fresnels and beveled metal sockets), replace white plastic 3pdt washers with thin metallic ones. Don't use pliers to tie nuts, buy proper socket wrench with screwdriver type handle. Use soft cloth under your wrench socket when tying nuts placed over narrow washers, this wil prevent you from scratching your finish with your socket wrench.

I don't recommend trying to achieve proper finish using spray cans, it's really not worth the time spent.
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Re: Finishing aesthetics

Postby bugg » 18 Oct 2018, 22:47

When UV printing isn't cost-effective I use a "PCB" faceplate. If you plan ahead you can have two different sets of artwork printed onto the same plate and just flip it depending on which pedal you're building.

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Re: Finishing aesthetics

Postby spoontex » 28 Nov 2019, 21:41


can you explain the process of your "PCB" faceplate?!? It look awesome.

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