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Postby theblackman » 25 Jul 2007, 02:38

"When conducting communications with an acquaintance one must never discuss politics or religion."

- Queens Handbook 1896
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Postby briggs » 25 Jul 2007, 17:09

I always find it intriguing to view the tension that is created between fellow Americans with regard to politics. It's so different over here in Blighty, most here take politics with a pinch of salt and with a joke. I suppose it's because our two main partys are really now just a slightly distorted mirror image of one another :(

Hey, while we're at it shall we create a "religeon" thread as well? That'll get the flames flying! :wink:

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Postby magikker » 26 Jul 2007, 02:08

politic is a rough topic to talk about... People get offended very very quickly. I think it boils down to the fact that Pundits in America have made everything a right or wrong issue... They have destroyed the middle ground.
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