'we fade to grey' rip steve strange 1959-2015

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'we fade to grey' rip steve strange 1959-2015

Postby tabbycat » 13 Feb 2015, 06:55

steve strange 1959-2015

a pivotal and seminal figure in the brit post-punk and new romantic scenes, gone but not to be forgotten.
his work behind the scenes, organising and promoting, and pushing and pulling the right people together at the right time, being as important, if not more, as anything he recorded. a catalyst, like malcolm maclaren. a freak and chameleon like bowie. a very british affair.

for me 'fade to grey' is right up there with 'blue monday' as one of the original great half-dozen electro singles from which everything else electro that followed grew. his immediate presence as a popstar in the public imagination was brief but era and movement defining. and any possibility of an early-eighties britain free of his influence is completely impossible to imagine.

in many respects he tried (and in certain aspects succeeded) in resetting brit youth culture to its proto-punk days. that bizarre peacock art-school flamboyant and androgynous period between roxy music glam and the maclaren and westwood adorned pistols landing on grundy's sofa. after which the scene rapidly degenerated into a smacky and gluey leather jacket and ripped jeans depression.
but because the early eigthies were a time of prosperity and not recession, strange's revolution 'went' the other way and suffocated under excess, as opposed to impoverishment.
mtv, smash hits, top shop, habitat and next; death due in equal part to over-commodification of the culture, and to acts who initially played revolutionary abandoning the cult underground for the yuppie pound.
"gold! always believe in your soul". yeah fucking right. back to your yachts you perma-tan sell-outs. we're bored now.

but steve was the diamond to whom no mud stuck (a bit of shoplifting aside). the five-finger discount, punk to the end!

a sad day to see him go.


http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2015 ... range-dies
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