Open Hardware Veroboard-inspired PCB design - Feedback?

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Re: Open Hardware Veroboard-inspired PCB design - Feedback?

Postby makerie » 25 Apr 2016, 16:35

Hi Folks,

I'd previously posted on my Open-Hardware BIY (Boutique it Yourself) Guitar pedal PCB project I had asked for testers and based on their feedback we have updated our original board design and have created a larger one. The idea of this project is to make DIY'ing your own pedals easier, quicker and most importantly, more reliable by having no more off-board wiring.

Here is the original board

Here is the new version of that board

And our new larger board

Features of the new Larger Board:
- Huge Build Area
- 6 Pots
- 2x Stomp switches
- 2x DPDT switches
- Dedicated Power and Ground Rails
- 1/2Vcc Power Rail
- Space for Voltage Regulator
- Space for input & output anti-pop resistors
- No off-board wiring!

I would love your feedback. We are also looking for help creating layouts if that interests anyone.
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