What happened to the FSB forum?

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What happened to the FSB forum?

Postby DrNomis » 04 Dec 2015, 08:03

Hi everyone,

Not sure if anyone else experienced the same problem but I have been having trouble accessing the FSB forum website since this afternoon up until now where I've finally been able to log on, prior to that when I tried to access the FSB website it would take ages to load, just so you know, I connect to the Internet via a WiFi Router that connects to Australia's NBN Optical Fiber system, I found that I could access other websites but couldn't access FSB, could it have had something to do with the Server?

I'm running Windows 10 Threshold 2 64 Bit on my Dell Inspiron 15 Laptop, I was experiencing the same issue with Microsoft Edge (Microsoft's latest browser) and also Firefox.

The issue seems to have been fixed now, just wondering what happened..... :thumbsup
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