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Found it! A rig I can live with.

PostPosted: 12 Nov 2016, 13:32
by aharon colman
For a long time i found myself either building gear (amps,cabs, effects) or buying gear that later I sell frustrated that it doesnt do what I want or doesen't sound "right".recently I gave way to GAS and bought a new guitar ,nothing fancy mind you but it gave me my fix so i got a slash AFD epi special ,what a nice guitar i have to say i'm pleased with it ,looks awesome and sounds nice ,intonates fine and no bum notes or frets ,thin neck etc it could use better tuners but can't complain much stays in tune and its got a tuner built in.
The new guitar inspired me to find a rig I could live with so I looked through my stuff first and found an old nano verb and put it aside,also dusted off my Yamaha DG1000 pre with motorized pots and all (ahh the 90s) and tried it with my home made spitfire,good but not great,I also had a midi pedal so i wanted to use all that crap so I said to myself time to build a new amp,simple ones so chose a champ and a 5E3 but found myself busy with other crap and decided not to build so went to my local store and found a magnum44 for sale half price and got it ,tried it with the yamaha and so far they blend perfect at low vol,tried a little high vol and still very good .Some people complain that the yamaha is fuzzy on high gain programs but the way around that is to keep the presence knob at or below 3 simple as that.All that through a home made 4x10 cab loaded with eminence patriot speakers.
I know the cork sniffing snobs out there are going to scoff at my story and /or choice but hey in all my years i have owned a few amps and guitars ,65 gibson 335,Les paul studio which i sold cause it was CRAP,fenders etc.
Finally I can sit down and practice,play comfy.yeah!
PS: I know I still have a wish list but till I have the money it"ll have to do. :horsey:

Re: Found it! A rig I can live with.

PostPosted: 25 Nov 2016, 07:29
by aharon colman
Sometimes you have to stray a bit to apreciate what you have ,I'm glad to report that Im back to straight guitar into my diy matchless clone with just a touch of reverb,also went back to building that champ clone.
What the heck was that about? Gotta let go of that old 90s gear chuck it as a loss.