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Re: Disappointing "Boutique" Pedals....

PostPosted: 18 May 2017, 23:28
by ppluis0
jalmonsalmon wrote:Man... LOL And let me just say that is sexy!

The imagen was found searching the web and not belong to an FX build it by me.

I always prefer to mount every component into a board... INCLUDING THE TUBE !!!

Hope this photograph of one of my creations can be considered sexy also... 8)


Re: Disappointing "Boutique" Pedals....

PostPosted: 19 May 2017, 00:00
by deltafred
ppluis0 wrote:Hope this photograph of one of my creations can be considered sexy also... 8)

I don't care what it sounds like, that is downright sexy! :applause:

Re: Disappointing "Boutique" Pedals....

PostPosted: 25 Jun 2017, 13:13
by HamishR
You just can't generalise. I used to dislike Wampler pedals because I tried a few which i thought sounded truly awful - and still do. But then I tried a Ecstasy/Euphoria and I quite liked it. Now with the benefit of DIY I have tweaked it to suit me better and i really like it. Earth shattering? No, but it serves a purpose.

I'm also not a fan of BJF - his pedals are stupidly expensive. But I have used the Honeybee as a starting point for a pedal of my own and it's one of my favourite overdrives. Stock I'm not super impressed but he has some clever ideas. But as a starting point for your own pedals they can be amazing. I recently (yesterday!) bought a One Control Strawberry Red overdrive and it sounds a LOT like my version of the HB. Designed by BJF and it's a really great pedal. It uses SMD I'm sure and it sounds really good.

I have to agree about Catalinbread and Keeley - nothing of theirs does anything for me at all but I see no reason to start a thread about how crap they are. I suspect people here know what they do or don't like.

I come from a background of tagboard amp building. I love building these old school amps and rate good layout and lead dress. But not everything can be built this way, both from a practical viewpoint and a sales viewpoint. I believe that being able to build something which sounds great regardless of method is a skill. Build a fab sounding pedal from SMD parts? That's some skill. And it seems it can be done.