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DOD Performer 585-B Question

PostPosted: 07 May 2017, 16:04
by tele twister
Does anyone know if the DOD Performer delay pedals originally came stock with the ability to self-oscillate,
or is this only possible by tweaking the trim pots?
I have a 585-B, in like new condition, and it doesn't s/o, and that made me wonder if it is actually un-tweaked, or not,
which I would prefer it to be anyway.
Regardless, it is a great sounding analog delay, and everything else seems to be functioning properly.

BTW, I have taken a vow to leave trim pots be. (In fear of turning something into a unusable piece of junk :wink: )

Re: DOD Performer 585-B Question

PostPosted: 07 May 2017, 21:08
by mistermikev
I have the 585-A, and I have never messed with mine but am not orig owner. It does self oscillate with the repeat maxed. I know these pedals are prone to issues with the pots... they may not be consistent. how the unit is adjusted probably has a lot more to do with it.

for my money, this is the cleanest analog delay I have owned. I have a dm2, 90s mem man reissue, carbon copy, total recall... have owned an old ibanez ad150. Could be that this is just the best adjusted one as my orig dm2 is out of whack.

If it weren't for the crummy switches that are hardly reliable, or the buffer that is just too in your face, this particular one would top my list. Can't believe how reasonable you can still get one for.

Re: DOD Performer 585-B Question

PostPosted: 07 May 2017, 23:33
by tele twister
Thanks mistermike
Ever since I learned what trim pots are for (generally), and their importance in the role of a circuit, I've assumed that they should never be adjusted by "eye" or "ear", and that they were set with special scopes and meters, because their settings had to be ultra precise.
This is only my educated guess.
I'm always very leery when buying old vintage pedals. There's no telling who been in there twiddling.

This leads me to another question, could any of the components in the circuit have deteriorated with age, causing a non S/O condition?
Not that I want it to S/O, I'm just curious if that was the original intention of the old DOD delays.

BTW, I can still recall how exciting that DM-2 was to have, when they first came out!
Well...exciting until the DD-2 came out, LOL! Dang, I sure do miss those times.

Re: DOD Performer 585-B Question

PostPosted: 08 May 2017, 16:50
by mistermikev
true that you should adjust with scope... that is the right way.

I'm no authority on anything, but if it were me and something was 'wrong' with it I'd just fiddle with it anyway... but I wouldn't consider not s/o to be wrong so... I'd leave it alone.

I'd suggest you take a multi-meter and test the repeat/feedback pot. test max resistance against the schematic and see if there are any 'jumps' in the resistance as you tweak the knob. As I mentioned, I've had several performer series pedals and the pots and on/off button seem to be the first victims of time.
Won't hurt to test it and if it's bad you can just toss another pot in there and see if it s/o.

good luck!