TC Smorgasboard of Tones to Behringer to original list

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TC Smorgasboard of Tones to Behringer to original list

Postby fws » 24 Jan 2018, 05:28

Recently got back into guitar effects and learned about new budget serie from TC, how TC said they were based on Behringer effects, and that TC is now owned by Behringer. And so I decided to make a small list of what is what. Please note that this is a guesswork based on external design, descriptions by TC, and maybe a bit of an ear. Feel free to correct it.

TC - Behringer - Original

Tube Pilot Overdrive - VT911 Vintage Tube Overdrive - Chandler Tube Driver
Honey Pot Fuzz - VD1 Vintage Distortion - EHX Big Muff
Rusty Fuzz - UZ400 Ultra Fuzz - Boss FZ-3 Fuzz
Cinders Overdrive - BO100 Blues Overdrive - Boss BD-2 Blues Driver
Echobrain Delay - VD400 Vintage Delay - Boss DM-3 Delay
Fluorescent Shimmer Reverb - RV600 Reverb Machine - Line 6 Verbzilla
Gauss Tape Echo - EM600 Echo Machine - Line 6 Echo Park
Vibraclone Rotary - RM600 Rotary Machine - Line 6 Roto Machine
Tailspin Vibrato - UV300 Ultra Vibrato - Boss TR-2 Vibrato
3rd Dimension Chorus - CC300 Chorus Space-C - Boss DC-2 Dimension C
Nether Octaver - UO100 Ultra Octaver - Boss OC-2 Octave
Blood Moon Phaser - UP100 Ultra Phase Shifter - Boss PH-2 Super Phaser
Thunderstorm Flanger - UF100 Ultra Flanger - Boss BF-2 Flanger
Choka Tremolo - UT100 Ultra Tremolo - Boss TR-2 Tremolo
Crescendo Auto Swell - SM200 Slow Motion - Boss SG-1 Slow Gear
Iron Curtain Noise Gate - NR100 Noise Reducer - Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor

Effects with more than one possibility

El Cambo Overdrive - TO100 Tube Overdrive or T0800 Vintage Tube Overdrive - Ibanez TS9 or Ibanez TS808
Afterglow Chorus - UC200 Ultra Chorus or CO600 Chorus Orchestra - Boss CH-1 Super Chorus or Boss CE-5 Chorus Ensemble
Skysurfer Reverb - DR600 Digital Reverb or RV600 Reverb Machine - Boss RV-5 Reverb or Line 6 Verbzilla
Drip Spring Reverb - DR600 Digital Reverb or RV600 Reverb Machine - Boss RV-5 Reverb or Line 6 Verbzilla
Forcefield Compressor - CL9 Compressor/Limiter or CS100 Compressor Sustainer - Ibanez CP9 Compressor/Limiter or Boss CS-3 Compressor Sustainer

This is by far not a complete or even valid list. The distortions can be a bit tricky to tell and while there is only one Behringer booster, looking at the modification and having no information about boost level of the original I decided not to include it.

As for those listed, the flanger could be HF-2, but I would expect a hint in description if that was the case. For phaser, PH-2 made sense, since there was no point using PH-3 or modifying EHX and MXR designs. The Cinders Overdrive was based on my knowledge of Behringer overdrives and I own both BO100 as well as BD-2.

The switching seems to be the same way as in small metal cased Behringers, say DC9 Compressor, in that outer metal part is a fake that is used to push plastic switch on PCB.

Seems they made 2 if not 3 reverbs out of one Behringer reverb.
Also how in the world did they fit 12AX7 in that small case?
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Re: TC Smorgasboard of Tones to Behringer to original list

Postby Dirk_Hendrik » 25 Jan 2018, 09:40

From about 1 minute onward

Sorry. Plain out of planes.
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