Hello all

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Hello all

Postby Jay Bones » 23 Apr 2018, 02:51

My name's Jay, and I'm new here. I know a fair amount about soldering (first bass was a borrowed Lyon Pos that was made on Friday afternoon when there was a shortage of solder, flux and wiring at the factory. Honed my skills using my dad's ginormous pistol grip soldering iron, no idea on the wattage but the lights dimmed when it was plugged in. Chisel tip almost as wide as the tiny pots. And the little dabs of solder were barely to scale. Eventually I needed to splice in extra wire, and used what was on hand. Stripped some Romex left over from when we partially finished our basement. Turned out the resistance was too high as the input dropped to next to nothing. Took it out, and put in some phone line my dad had brought home from his office when they put in a new phone system. That was much better. And after a while, the screws stripped out of the bass wood body I'd opened it so many times. Then I overheated a pot, as there was zero output at all. Best friend, whose bass it was and I took it back to where he'd bought it a couple months earlier, I had a baggie of the pickguard and wiring, he had the bass and strings in the other hand. Can't imagine how much he lost in trade, on a used Yamaha Motion B bass. Never had to open that up. Bought the bass amp he'd bought new, for $90. It had a torn speaker cone, broken trim pots for bass and treble, bent EQ sliders- from him and I lifted it into the back of his pickup, he had it sitting upright facing forward right at the tailgate. I told him I would lay it on its back and push it forward to the rear of the cab. He said "It'll be fine", and we were heading out of town, doing about 50 when this beater pulled out in front of us. He had to slam on the brakes and the amp cartwheeled end over end to smash the back of the cab right behind his head. Broke his half of the sliding window, dented the edge of the cargo box, and broke the trim pots and bent the slides. I repaired the speaker cone (3M marine sealant, cellophane tape and a couple stitches of thread), soldered out the trim pots using a wick, and put new ones in. Later I had to replace the high input jack the same way. Also put together a couple solid body bolt on neck electrics, and did some custom wiring on one- installed a Graph Tech Ghost system with a separate volume pot and a mini 3 way switch).

I just bought a Bugera V5 Infinium tube amp, and have some concerns about the tone. It's a little dark, and I read about a couple mods for it. Also like to build a boost pedal from a JHS kit.

I look forward to asking questions and participating in this forum! :D
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Re: Hello all

Postby Cub » 24 Apr 2018, 06:55

Hello Jay, welcome to the forum! :applause: Enjoy your stay. :thumbsup
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