New guy saying hi, and a stupid on the fly non-tech wah fix

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New guy saying hi, and a stupid on the fly non-tech wah fix

Postby R2Detune » 02 May 2018, 11:08

Hey boys and (fingers crossed) girls! 8) New to the board so I thought I would say hello and offer a stupid tip that might help someone else someday.

I have an old beater Cry Baby that was given to me a few years back by a friend which I didn't realize was necessary to stomp the guts out of to get to power on and off. Well, I'm VERY new to the tech side of things, so with little knowledge and less time I improvised and it saved the day.

I used one of those old "pyramid" shaped pencil top erasers from back in the school days, cut off the tip about halfway down to the bigger end and shimmied it over the footswitch...this gave me the height the switch needed to reach the expression pedal without creating interference with the pedals range of movement, and for a few cents I now had a usable wah that otherwise would have gotten left out of the chain. Out of all the things I've kept with my pedals over the years, this is by far the most wtf...haha, but I keep at least two or three with my live gear just in case now. Not a long term fix, but could help in a pinch. It's a pretty snug fit so it won't slide around or pop off, but keep more than one because my first one split going over the lip of the footswitch.

OK, that about does it for my current tech knowledge! lol
Looking forward to meeting everyone and looking forward to learning as much as possible about building and modding!

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