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Postby brownwhopping » 18 Oct 2018, 22:46

What's the legal of pedal designing, cloning and commercially selling?
according to this article:
Can I just get the schematic, project my own PCB, build pedals and sells? So why so many people write cautions in theirs schematic "not for commercial use" when law actually not protecting the circuit, but drawing itself? If schem is not patented, then why these captions? How can I learn by reading threads an making circuits (clones for the beginning, and lot tame later), when some day I can see a lawsuit or somebody beat me in the face for that?

And if using comercially schematics from forum, then why cloning from SolaSound, Vox, Marshall, Boss, Electro-Harmonix and so-on is OK? Because these are big companies that have a lot of money and they will not get poor? This will be paradox.

Sorry, it drives me to the madness, I want to be safe and legal, but don't know how to behave. I was always dreaming about running my own company that project pedals but I need make steps by cloning and teaching from others, but I know that copyright is not strict in these days.
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Re: Legals

Postby FiveseveN » 19 Oct 2018, 09:39

brownwhopping wrote:Can I just get the schematic, project my own PCB, build pedals and sells?

Yes, Skwisgaar. But more importantly, how many would you like to sell? If it's just a few to your local friends I'm sure people would understand. Might as well make an effort and contribute with mods or a special aesthetic.

If you have access to a schematic and/or original unit, nothing can prevent you from building something similar or identical. It's usually frowned upon when:
    - you're cloning something that's still in production/on the market
    - it's made by a small company/single builder (e.g. Paul C)
    - you're pretending it's not a clone
    - you're trying to hide that fact (goop)
    - even worse, you're gooping and rehousing/slightly modifying an existing product from a 3rd party + denying it, even after being exposed (yes, this happens)

That being said, things like Tube Screamers, Crybabies, Electras and even Klons seem to be fair game nowadays, but the market is flooded with them anyway, no point beating a dead horse.
Look around, this discussion pops up regularly around here.
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Re: Legals

Postby deltafred » 19 Oct 2018, 11:46

If you are going to make pedals don't just blindly copy existing ones, often with design faults. Good design is something that is sadly lacking in a lot of pedals, often because of ignorance on the part of the builder.

Make sure that -

They are properly buffered (unless they are designed to be the first in the chain and use the guitar volume pot as part of the gain circuit).

Have adequate power supply decoupling to minimise problems with other pedal interactions and/or power supply noise.

Have RFI immunity.
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Re: Legals

Postby pinkjimiphoton » 03 Dec 2018, 02:57

...... and if ya use someone else's circuit verbatim <tone report can still suck my ballz> give them a fucking nod ffs. commercial pedals are one thing, us bootweakers SHOULD be respected.
if i write on a schem no commercial use, i mean it. change a part value somewhere ffs or whatev, but don't use my shit and pretend you came up with it.
we're all standing on the shoulders of the giants that preceeded us, and they should be given the props they deserve.
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