Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas!

Postby premiumplus » 12 Dec 2018, 16:04

Hey fellas (and gals)

I don't post very often but I've been a member for many years. I always enjoy coming here and the people are great. My latest build is shaping up to be an Ethos TRW. It's a great pedal and being an overdrive junkie I can never have enough distortion...
Just wanted to check in and say Merry Christmas to you all...Happy Holidays to everyone!

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Re: Merry Christmas!

Postby george giblet » 14 Dec 2018, 07:49

Mewwy Kwisskwess you waskewy wabbits.
george giblet
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Re: Merry Christmas!

Postby Cub » 22 Dec 2018, 11:14

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all the good people here ! :applause:

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Re: Merry Christmas!

Postby sixthfloor » 23 Dec 2018, 09:48

Nice one Cub :D

Merry Christmas to everyone !
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Re: Merry Christmas!

Postby mictester » 23 Dec 2018, 10:44

Everyone - have a cracking Christmas!

Best Wishes from East Anglia, UK

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Re: Merry Christmas!

Postby deltafred » 23 Dec 2018, 11:05

Yes, Seasonal Greetings to everyone (from a rainy Yorkshire).

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Re: Merry Christmas!

Postby Intripped » 23 Dec 2018, 12:39

Merry Christmas to you all! (from a foggy northern Italy)
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Re: Merry Christmas!

Postby ppluis0 » 23 Dec 2018, 20:37

Merry Christmas to all forum members !!!
(From Patagonia: 41.1º south, 71.4º west)

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Re: Merry Christmas!

Postby Manfred » 24 Dec 2018, 00:02

Merry Christmas to you all! (From the South of Germany)

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Re: Merry Christmas!

Postby grrrunge » 24 Dec 2018, 09:55

Yes!!! Christmas means exams are over, and I can get back to building pedals :)
Have a good one! :hug:
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