Homemade Leslie speakers

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Homemade Leslie speakers

Postby ppluis0 » 28 Aug 2019, 18:56

Hi folks,

Just yesterday a friend of mine received at his guitar shop a couple of leslies I made. This is the video of the very first test done by an skilled player.

https://www.facebook.com/fanta.luthier/ ... 672590522/

There are workalikes clones of a kind of rotating speakers called "Doppolas" used by David Gilmour. The sound we hear in the video is the combination of one static box and two revolving assemblies turning at a little different speed from each other.

In this units I employ two 6 inch speakers and the audio from an external amp is feeding by a pair of alternator (car) brushes and copper slip rings due the rotating axe consist in a piece of pipe.
The brushes, pulley, belt, motor, and connectors are hidden in the lower part of the cabinet.

Also, the acoustic guitar appearing in the video is made by my friend wich is a renowned luthier here in Argentina.

The amplifier sitting at top of the 4x12 cabinet is a clone of a Matchless Chieftain Reverb I made 15 years ago for my friend and the wood cabinet is made by him of solid cherry wood and lacquered same as their guitars.

Hope you enjoy the video !!! 8)

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Re: Homemade Leslie speakers

Postby bajaman » 28 Aug 2019, 22:44

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Re: Homemade Leslie speakers

Postby JudgeMingus » 29 Aug 2019, 07:28

Very nice work!
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Re: Homemade Leslie speakers

Postby snofla1900 » 29 Aug 2019, 13:52

It sounds very good !! My complements.

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