bruce springsteen's piano of ebay?

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bruce springsteen's piano of ebay?

Postby modman » 07 Aug 2007, 21:38

"The piano being auctioned here on eBay belonged to Bruce Springsteen. From 1977-1979 the piano was in Bruce's New York apartment that he shared with his girlfriend, Lynn Goldsmith. While it was there Bruce wrote many songs using it, some of which can be found on "The River".

Bob Dylan wrote many songs on it as well, some of which can be found on "Blood on the Tracks". See the pictures below of Keith Richards, Ricky Nelson, Patty Smith and The Pretenders all playing it. The piano was purchased from Lynn Goldsmith and there is a letter of authenticity explaining this. "

How many of the boss's girlfriends had pianos in their appartments? One pic of Springsteen really playing it would have been at least a grain credible. Anyways posting this just for kicks ... RK:MESC:IT
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