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Postby theblackman » 10 Aug 2007, 08:33

go look up narcissism (the personality disorder) on wikipedia and you'll find a description of most entrepreneurs/business owners I have come across. take particular notice of the bit about how narcissists value their own interests over everyone else's (ie my current boss).
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Postby soulsonic » 11 Aug 2007, 00:39

You mean "Malignant Narcissism", in the Freudian sense? They use Saddam Hussein as an example of a person who was afflicted with that particular personality "structure".

I used to study Psychology at college, but I had to drop it because I got really interested in Psychoanalysis and my university didn't teach (or even support!) that school of thought. My favorite was Dr. Wilhelm Stekel - I read his book, "Technique of Analytical Psychotherapy" and it was absolutely brilliant. I love how he took the concepts of Freud and really expanded upon it in creative an intelligent ways. I think he was way beyond Freud. On the other side of the analytical coin, I'm also a very big fan of Carl Jung, who, of course, has a completely different approach.
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Postby bajaman » 11 Aug 2007, 00:53

Ah - Jung and Freud - now that does take me back in time :lol: :wink:
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