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Re: Do-It-Yourself Layout Creator [freeware] -- Updates log

PostPosted: 30 Dec 2016, 16:17
by YellowBoy
Hey Bancika! Massive thanks for your continued efforts with DIYLC! You really made this hobby accessible to newcomers.

I'd like to put forward a feature request if possible? Is there a way/can you implement a system where a user can set an object template as the default state? For example, when I'm doing pedal layouts I tend to use my 1/8W resistor template...but with amps I use my 1/2W template. Constantly choosing a template is a bit annoying so setting a template as the default resistor for example would speed up a layout.

I appreciate this is somewhat of a silly ask but just something I always think about whenever I open DIYLC and start using.

Again...serious thanks for your time man!

Re: Do-It-Yourself Layout Creator [freeware] -- Updates log

PostPosted: 30 Dec 2016, 17:57
by bancika
thanks for the kind words. It's currently not possible to select a default template, but I will add it to the queue. Sounds like an interesting feature.

In the meantime, you can mimic this behavior by setting default values of individual properties. It will work, but it's not as elegant. Checkboxes on the right side of the editor dialog are doing exactly that. Whatever value is entered will be applied to newly created components. Just set default values for width and length and they will stick until you change them next time.

Re: Do-It-Yourself Layout Creator [freeware] -- Updates log

PostPosted: 05 Jan 2017, 19:13
by bancika
had to do a patch release because of the stupid bug I introduced, but managed to squeeze in some new stuff too...default templates, among others.

@YellowBoy, check it out and let me know what you think. You can default templates from the popup menu directly using the pin icon.

Grab it from here ... ag/v3.35.0

[Bug Fix] Cannot type "q" letter in any of the boxes around the app
[New Feature] Mirror selection horizontally and vertically
[New Feature] Ability to set a default template for component type (grey "pin" icon in the template popup)
[Improvement] Default focus on "Text" field for label
[Improvement] Consolidated popup menu items with "Edit" menu
[Improvement] Renamed menu actions for renumbering to be clearer

Re: Do-It-Yourself Layout Creator [freeware] -- Updates log

PostPosted: 05 Jan 2017, 21:01
by YellowBoy
Default Templates work great man thanks. Very elegant way to do it. I like the addition to delete them from here too.

Fantastic work lad. Thanks again


Re: Do-It-Yourself Layout Creator [freeware] -- Updates log

PostPosted: 17 Jan 2017, 14:05
by poiureza
I just wanted to thank you for this wonderful tool ... and ask a couple questions :o :

1. Is there a way to move separate legs on components ? Whatever the pin spacing, the component is always centered between legs. Is there a way to locate it off-center (or even better : free body location) while keeping the pins where they are ? Would be usefull e.g. for big electrolytics on a crowded PCB.
2. Is there a Library with additional components somewhere ? Right now I'm missing small transformers, Mouser 42TM018 or similar as well as additional package types (TO-220 right now). So far I build them with separate parts : any available standard part that enables correct pin spacing and then drawing line boxes to make for the actual shape and eventually grouping them. So I could get away with this if there were an option to save grouped elements as templates. It would also be nice if copy & paste kept the grouping (the SW pastes them as ungrouped parts).
Fortunately, elements are kept in copy buffer when closing a project and opening a different one, so there is a turnaround.
3. The body dimension of components seem to jump by 1mm increments. Is there a way to go down to 0.5mm (metal film capacitors in mind) ?
4. Is there a way to select trace endpoints or pads located beneath a component ? "Bring to front" "push to back" etc does not seem to work, the mouse always picks the component.

Thanks again for this great piece of SW

Re: Do-It-Yourself Layout Creator [freeware] -- Updates log

PostPosted: 26 Jan 2017, 13:06
by bancika
1) no at the moment, but you can use an additional piece of wire and configure it to look like a component lead
2) no, why would I hide additional components? :) TO-220 is already available and I'm gradually adding more components. Use this to file a request and I'll add when I can.
3) it's a bit complicated, granularity is 2px at the moment.
4) yes, right click and then go to Select menu and it will offer everything that's under the cursor, no matter how "deep".

Just released more updates ... ag/v3.36.0

[New Feature] Ability to quickly save a group of components as a building block and use it later
[New Feature] Show/hide rulers
[New Feature] Show/hide the grid
[Improvement] Ability to type in hex value in color editor
[Improvement] Ability to rotate tube sockets for arbitrary angle and change color
[Improvement] Flip tube schematic symbols
[Improvement] Renamed "template" to "variant" as it is describes the meaning more closely
[Improvement] Applying a variant/template shouldn't affect component placement
[Improvement] Improved rotation and mirroring of multiple components at the same time
[Improvement] Improved resistor rendering to look more realistic
[Improvement] Editable single coil pickup pole pieces (rods or rails) and pole piece color
[Improvement] Editable humbucker pickup pole pieces (rods or rails) and pole piece color
[Improvement] Editable P90 pickup pole piece color
[Bug Fix] Component type gets selected while expanding folders in the component tree

Re: Do-It-Yourself Layout Creator [freeware] -- Updates log

PostPosted: 23 Mar 2017, 10:52
by bancika
Calling OSX users
Many of you have reported issues caused by the fact that DIYLC is not an 'official' iTunes app (Apple calls it a 3rd party app).
I was considering making an iTunes release of DIYLC, but nothing is cheap with Apple. They charge $99/year for a developer account.
I'm happy to invest time in making DIYLC better and bring it closer to users, but cannot justify investing money into platform I do not own.
If there's enough people interested, I can setup a Kickstarter campaign or a separate PayPal donation page to raise funds for Apple fees.
Drop me a PM or email if you are interested


Re: Do-It-Yourself Layout Creator [freeware] -- Updates log

PostPosted: 20 Apr 2017, 10:51
by bancika
v3.38.0 is out, grab it here ... ses/latest

[New Feature] Added 'Recent Files' to the main menu to keep track of the previous 10 files
[New Feature] Hold Control key to zoom with mouse wheel. Zooming (somewhat) tracks mouse cursor position
[New Feature] Ability to set project-wide default font through 'Edit Project Settings' dialog
[New Feature] Added wizard installer for Windows that associates the app with .DIY files automatically
[Improvement] Moved config and auto-save file locations to standard user directory instead of using the app directory
[Improvement] Do not allow creating zero-length components (e.g. traces, lines, etc)
[Improvement] Hookup wire can be sent to back behind boards
[Improvement] Solder pads can be sent behind copper traces to allow creating white border around traces on top of a ground plane
[Improvement] Ability to edit color of copper traces, curved traces and solder pads at the same time when they are all selected
[Improvement] Tooltip doesn't cover buttons in the right side of the status bar
[Bug Fix] Component library empty if the app is installed in a folder that contains special characters in the name

Re: Do-It-Yourself Layout Creator [freeware] -- Updates log

PostPosted: 25 Apr 2017, 14:07
by bancika
Fixed some issues and made few improvements and new features. Grab it while you can ... ag/v3.39.0

[New Feature] Assign F1-F12 keys as shortcuts for frequently used component types or building blocks
[New Feature] Type-in selection nudge
[New Feature] Show and hide each individual layer
[New Feature] Red ticks on both rulers mark selection bounds, blue tick tracks cursor position
[Improvement] Improve precision for Solder Pad and Copper Trace by not rounding the size up or down
[Improvement] Show selection size in both inches and centimeters
[Improvement] Use standard OSX/Mac "command" key for menu shortcuts and to un-stuck components
[Improvement] Use balloon to show announcements and update notifications
[Improvement] Moved logs to user's home directory
[Bug Fix] Issues with DIL and SIL IC pin alignment when using metric grid and pin spacing
[Bug Fix] Resistor changes shape on its own

Re: Do-It-Yourself Layout Creator [freeware] -- Updates log

PostPosted: 06 May 2017, 08:24
by bancika
Anyone here still uses the old v2? I know folks from still do.

I'm finishing up importer, so we can open v2 files in the latest v3 version hoping we can finally retire v2 for good :) Importer is not perfect, since component set is not exactly the same, but it should work fine in most cases.

If there's anyone who has v2 files let me know, so we can try and see how successful it is in real world.