DIYLC v3 Schemo Symbols

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DIYLC v3 Schemo Symbols

Postby sinner » 25 May 2012, 09:20

Using great Bancika's DIYLC and little creativity you can archive almost everything you would like to archive

DIYLC v3 is still in beta stadium, it misses few schematic symbols and such

And this is what I did, I was creative, and I've draw few mostly used by me

It's not ready to use image choosed from menu, I'm not as much creative ;)

I just used lines, copper tracks, wires, pads and such already existing in DIYLC to create my own

Some - the tinny ones, can be difficult to drag, the solution for it is to place any component next to it (jumper, resistor, whatever) and by selecting all use additional component as a lever

As I said, it cant be choosed from menu, what I'm doing is - when I do schemo, I open it up from DIYLC library folder, and I'm keeping it below project I'm working on, or I have it open in another window with DIYLC and copy/paste what I need. It's good idea to change the grind to 0,025" ;)
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