Free Adobe software (old, not warez)

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Free Adobe software (old, not warez)

Postby Zipslack » 20 Feb 2013, 21:38

Apparently Adobe turned off the activation servers for their older software and posted updated versions of the software to replace the old version. It's still the same software from 2005 (or 2007?), but it doesn't require activation and they provide the serial numbers. Technically, it's supposed to be for customers that had already purchased the software back in the day and may need to re-install; however, Adobe did not add any check for existing licensed copies and they posted more software packages. Makes it look like they don't care about the older versions and are just throwing them out there.

Here's the link

Install using the serial numbers they provide. Photoshop and Illustrator for free...little old, but still useful. If you're already comfortable with Gimp and Inkscape, there's not much use in getting these.

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Re: Free Adobe software (old, not warez)

Postby .Mike » 20 Feb 2013, 23:10

Yeah, this went down a few weeks ago. Technically they are not free. The story is that Adobe got sick of running activation servers for old software, which left people who purchased those older versions without the ability to reinstall the software they bought. Adobe they made older versions that did not require activation available to (older) license holders. Either due to an oversight or brilliant marketing, Adobe failed to use any sort of authentication or confirmation to make sure downloaders had a valid license.

I upgraded from Photoshop 7, which I used for over a decade, to CS2. With Photoshop CS2, I can finally easily place text around a circle. I installed Illustrator, too. My wife installed Acrobat.

The one thing people don't seem to be mentioning, though, is Audition 3.0. This is excellent recording software. It is the descendent of Cool Edit Pro, which Adobe bought and renamed. If you are using Audacity, get Audition 3.0. You'll like it a lot.

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Re: Free Adobe software (old, not warez)

Postby deltafred » 21 Feb 2013, 01:18


Thanks for the information on Audition 3.0. I am still using Cool Edit 2000 on an old W98 PC so I may finally be able to upgrade.

Thanks to Zipslack for the original post.

It is downloading as I type this.
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