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Boss Stompbox: bypassing the on/off-switch?

PostPosted: 21 Jul 2014, 15:29
by thomasds
hey y'all

question: i've been tinkering with my old Boss NS2 Noise Suppressor. i'm thinking of putting it permanently on my pedalboard, underneath the "top floor", so it wouldn't use space that i could use for other stompboxes. the idea is leaving it on permanently with a minimal threshold setting, so i would keep sustain but when the strings are muted, single-coil hum would be cancelled with clean sound and certainly when using a lot of gain (which amplifies the hum).

i've noticed however that when i disconnect en reconnect the power, the switch is always in the "off" position (unlike a 3dpt that keeps it position). not very handy when the pedal is underneath a platform.

is it possible to make the switch left on or to bypass the switch? I know too little (nothing actually) about how switches work in boss- (and similar) pedals. i've tried to connect the "input/signal" on the switch with the ground but that didn't work (i guess it gets turned on/off by a burst of current?)


Re: Boss Stompbox: bypassing the on/off-switch?

PostPosted: 21 Jul 2014, 20:06
by daimondamps
You duplicate your post:

Yes it's possible - but need some electronic skills. Do you want to make it true bypass or only stay to switch on when is powered?
Here the schematic: ... ko/NS2.gif

To get the NS-2 to stay "on", simply desolder and remove Q11 (stick it to the inside of the box with a piece of tape, so you can put it back if you wanted to). That will cause the pedal to stay on, while ignoring any switch action.