Rubber feet just... fall off

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Rubber feet just... fall off

Postby bishop vogue » 17 Nov 2014, 00:19

I've done dozens of builds now, but one thing I still can't do well at all is getting rubber feet to actually stick to the bottom of my enclosures. After I paint and clear coat, I usually attach the little transparent feet that are designed as bumpers, but they always fall off. What do you guys do for feet? :scratch:
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Re: Rubber feet just... fall off

Postby Crowella » 17 Nov 2014, 00:24

I've had no issue with using the 3M adhesive brand feet, even after finishing. I'd say add a tiny bit of epoxy and/or gently scuff up the area where you are putting the feet just to give the adhesive more to hold onto. Hmm... :hmmm:
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Re: Rubber feet just... fall off

Postby Duckman » 17 Nov 2014, 04:39

Same here... 3M is the thing and not a problem 'till today.
But -and at risk of being obvious- consider that if you or somebody else will use Velcro at the bottom, rubber feets are a waste.
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Re: Rubber feet just... fall off

Postby tonyharker » 17 Nov 2014, 11:40

Super (Crazy) glue ?? :)
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Re: Rubber feet just... fall off

Postby FiveseveN » 17 Nov 2014, 12:51

There are rubber feet that are designed to be attached with screws, which can be the same screws that keep the lid on, though may need to be a bit longer than the ones that come with the box. For Velcro users and such they are easy to remove.
Kind of like these, but smaller: ... x8wl25EjQD
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Re: Rubber feet just... fall off

Postby ljn » 30 Nov 2014, 18:47

tonyharker wrote:Super (Crazy) glue ?? :)

If you really intend for them to stay on, the yes. Super glue works great. I used some for my fuzzrite clone. For the actual rubber feet, I cut four little square pieces of rubber that I found in an old radio. They haven't came loose yet.
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