Separate gain for low and hi frequencies on a Red Llama

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Separate gain for low and hi frequencies on a Red Llama

Postby zedsnotdead » 07 Jan 2015, 12:54


So a friend of mine just loves the Red Llama (me also), and asked me if it is possible to have separate gain control for low and hig frequencies.
He asked this after I suggested a eventual tone pot that could be added, like a BMP tone-stack for example...

So I just thought about it and since 4049UBE has about 3 inverters left, is it possible to:
1. split the input signal,
2. filter each half with a LP on one side and a HP on the other half,
3. send each filtered half to a gain stage respectively (x2 gains= x2 inverters)
4. mix their ouputs.


This is just a thought, I am a noob and really would need some help implementing those filtering...
What do you think?

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Re: Separate gain for low and hi frequencies on a Red Llama

Postby ggedamed » 07 Jan 2015, 15:39

A while back @deafbutpicky created Thrice, a three band CMOS inverter based distortion. The topic and the Soundcloud demo links are on DIYSB, but the schematics are gone, so I'll put them here:

The first one has lower gain.
You could leave out the mid band and make it a two band distortion as your friend requested or you could use only the filtering stages.
Or you could use second or greater order filters, though I don't know if it's of any use.
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