Echopathetic: the worst, but so simple, analog delay around

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Re: Echopathetic: the worst, but so simple, analog delay aro

Postby aishabag23 » 16 Aug 2017, 03:52

allesz wrote:Happy you like it mate, thank you for giving it a go.
I am slowly working on a refined version.

Do you use the true bypass layout, or the original not true bypass? The not true bypass version pops a little for the first couple of stomps; I had no probs for the true bypass version, but I use a split limiting resistor for the led.

I plan to go true bypass only btw, modding a little the first buffer: feedback resistor is 120k, guitar input resistor is 100k (so you have just a tiny little bit of gain and you can get rid of pre emphasis, and some hiss), delay input resistor is 120k too.

Then I woul increase the value of the cap in the feedback loop of the second op amp to 4,7 n, to cut some hiss.

The perfect "time" capacitor is 200nF (two 100s in parallel) in order to avoid wining at max time.

Sometimes some switch pops more than others, sometimes some leds pops more than others, sometimes splitting the limiting resistor is good (1/2 on ground and 1/2 to V+). Some designs are just too poor, and some designers just suck... it may be the case :oops:

Thanks for this helpful info. I love this simple effect so much that I just have to keep trying until the pop is gone! I will report back after trying some of your suggestions. I have tried both true bypass and non-true bypass methods, as well as using relay bypass (it really did not like this method, hahaha). Pop was the same for the dpdt and 3pdt switches, the relay was just noisy as hell. I look forward to your refined version, I'm sure it will be even better! Thanks again for your designs.
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