Stompboxes circuits published in magazines, books or on DIY electronics websites.


Postby Tham » 30 Oct 2016, 06:11

This was from the September 1979 issue of ''Practical Electronics''

I built this in 1986, initially with a Veroboard and a plastic box.

A guitar luthier in a local part-time amateur band, who actually
made his own Ibanez Musician-type guitar, later made a couple
more for himself and his second lead, and made a nice aluminium
box for me as well.

R7 can be replaced with 100K variable resistor pot as the
Distortion control.

The effect still tended to be a little fuzzy, so R5 may be reduced
to 200k for a gain of just 50, and C5 and C6 could be increased to
680 - 820 pf to filter off a bit more of the high frequencies.

This guy built one. ... -fuzz.html

That issue of Practical Electronics also featured a project for a six channel mixer,
so it might be a good idea to get the old magazine as well.
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