QUATTRO SWITCHER - 4 loop pedal switching system

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QUATTRO SWITCHER - 4 loop pedal switching system

Postby DarkRain » 14 Jun 2017, 10:57

Hello guys, long time no post.
This project is FREE for personal, educational and non-commercial activities.
Here you have a custom project that I've worked on for a client of mine.
This project is a stripped down version of the OctaSwitch.
This project is intended to be used with small pedalboards but the possibilities are quite big.
- 4 truebypass loops
- each loop can be setup using dip-switches.
- AT-TINY2313 uC for switch debounce and command signals
- 9V operation (using 5V relays a 5V stab will be needed).

So I'm using a uC for some trivial operations and you might ask why I'm using a uC:
- I can expand the design anytime
- I'm using software debounce so i can tailor it for any type of switches
- cheaper than using CMOS alternatives
- The presets can be changed on the fly very quick

At the following link you will find a EAGLE Cad schematic file, along with a HEX file for the microcontroller: http://www.dextersworkshop.com/portfolio/quattro-switch/


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