Lets talk about Germanium Fuzzes

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Lets talk about Germanium Fuzzes

Postby POTL » 26 Jul 2017, 23:31

Almost all germanium fuzzes
Use pnp transistors and negative power
To make these effects with classical power and to enable the use of a fuel tank, power converters are used as in this schematic
At the same time, there are manufacturers who simply turn over the schematic

I also noticed that zvex fuzz factory is a modified tone bender mk ii with an inverted outline

Tone Bender

tell us what are the drawbacks of this circuit in comparison with the scheme with a power converter?
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Re: Lets talk about Germanium Fuzzes

Postby toneman » 27 Jul 2017, 06:26

There really are no "advantages" of PNP vs NPN. Both types of bipolar transistors have to be biased correctly in order to operate.

In typical operation, the base–emitter junction is forward biased, which means that the p-doped side of the junction is at a more positive
potential than the n-doped side, and the base–collector junction is reverse biased.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bipolar_j ... transistor

http://www.electronics-tutorials.ws/amp ... asing.html

This is exactly why PNP transistors use a negative voltage on the collector.
There are no advantages or disadvantages.
It's just the way it's done to make the transistor operate.
BTW, germainium trannys biasing can drift with temp, which is the main reason they are not used much today.
U can have a PNP or a NPN FuzzFace.
Look on the www for more info on calculating load lines and more info about biasing.
There is no "classical power" per se, Other than the typical operation mention above.
A transistor has to be biased a certain way or it wont operate in a predictable manner.
Good luck in your quest for knowledge.
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