Yet another fuzz face layout

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Yet another fuzz face layout

Postby Timpanogos Slim » 06 Sep 2017, 03:51

I tried to make a negative ground germanium pnp fuzz face with storyboardist's layout and things got ugly and it absolutely doesn't work.

But this has like 10 parts and i know my way around kicad, how long could it take?

i started out trying to reimplement his layout based on the schematic at this site:

And then things got pretty different. Partially because it has to be different, partially because i don't care if someone wanted to do it on perfboard. I really made this for myself, and for the mental exercise. I'm sure i could use some other transfer layout, like the one at the site i got the schematic from. But i liked a few things about storyboardist's layout, like how small it is and how the wires are all on one edge of the board, so it's easy to wrap it in battery heatshrink and stuff it inside a 1590a without worrying about whether transistors will fall out of sockets. But i wanted a trimpot too.

Why KiCad? Eagle annoyed me when i tried to learn it and KiCad didn't. If it's good enough for the large hadron collider it's good enough for me.

Anyway, here's screen shots of my ugly transposition of the schematic and a screen shot of my layout in case anyone wants to comment.

I'll post transfer art if i am successful.

negative germanium fuzz face screenshot.png

negative germanium fuzz face schematic.png
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